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Kyou kara Ore wa Loli no Himo!
From Today On, I’m Mooching Off a Loli!Story by Akatsuki Yuki Art by Henreader

Companion work to the Light Novel of the same name. The dream of the perverted mangaka, Haru, is to live a carefree life as a freeloader. His wish becomes a reality true when Touka, an incredibly rich and talented elementary schoolgirl becomes his patron. Grey-area legality hi-jinks ensue as Haru ropes in Touka’s friends and maid into his fantasies. Every day we stray further from the Lord’s light and closer to the party van.

There are no rock CDs.



Musume no Iede
I’m a Runaway GirlStory & Art by Shimura Takako

Musume no Iede is very much so a collection of “the life and times” of the multitude of characters we are introduced to. From the group of friends that are children of broken families calling themselves “the Divorcees”, to the overweight boy who has a chubby-chaser girlfriend, to the girl who suddenly loses her place in school and the teacher who tries to help, to the gay brother whose sister discovers she’s not so different, to the idol mulling over re-uniting with his estranged mother, and so on. These are all varying tales thinly connected by a thread, tangling all over to bring forth an organic, messy, cluster of characters from the mind of Shimura Takako.

Shoujo Kishidan × Knight Tale
Girls’ Chivalric Order × Knight TaleStory & Art by Inue Shinsuke

Shinobu is a meek girl whose timidity makes her a prime target for molesters on the train. While she is mortified, each time it happens she finds herself unable to stand up for herself. When the literal knight in shining armor of her dreams turns out to be a girl her age, Shinobu discovers the world of Heavy Combat, where highschool girls don armor and battle it out in the name of Chivalry. Captivated by the beauty of her savior, Kanade, Shinobu agrees to help her reach her goal of becoming the world’s strongest knight, while also hoping to cure her own meekness.

Source of many “Desu Vult” memes.