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[mss] – mugeSlowScans

How’s this for an edgy, pretentious write-up?

mugeSlowScans (abbreviated as mSS) started off as a scanlation effort in 2009 by two dudes that aimed to help bring manga that did not necessarily receive mainstream attention to the scene. Whereas high-profile groups scanlated popular Weekly Shounen Jump series at a breakneck pace, mSS strove to “fill in the gaps” where overlooked series lay obscured, or left unfinished.
This afforded a lax release schedule and a hands-off approach, which was an ideal that was pursued after hearing of some groups “persuading” their members to follow a tight schedule which eventually led to burn-out.

Nowadays, we just do whatever. What a turnaround.


We staunchly believe that money that would be donated to the group should instead be used to support the authors’ and artists’ works.
We will never accept donations – to prove as an example to show that you can run an easy-going scanlation group on very little money to no money at all – something that’s only gotten easier with time as more and more free services have been popping up. There’s little excuse now, to be honest.

Domain: Paid for
Hosting: Free
RAWs: Public or self-bought