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[mss] – mugeSlowScans

mugeSlowScans (abbreviated as mSS) started off as a scanlation effort in 2009 by two dudes that wanted to scanlate works that weren’t as mainstream and bring them to audiences outside of Japan, inheriting its “we translate it because we want to read it” motto from FoOlRulez. Unlike groups that worked on popular series, there was no strong demand for a strict, weekly schedule, hence the name.

After the translator left to do other things, the letterer drifted around /a/, pixiv, and twitter, sporadically putting script to various short stories and webcomics.

Now in its new and improvedâ„¢ resurrected form, we just do whatever. What a turnaround.

We believe that money that would be donated to the group should instead be used to support the authors’ and artists’ works.
We don’t accept donations for scanlation. You can run an easy-going scanlation group on very little money to no money at all – something that’s only gotten easier with time as more and more free or incredibly cheap web and hosting services have been popping up. There’s little excuse now, to be honest.

Domain: Paid for
Hosting: Free
RAWs: Public or self-bought