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Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry – Chapter 01

Starting this blog (I remembered to update it!) with a release post.
Unexpectedly, a Light Novel series I helped work on had an online manga serialization begin just these past few weeks. What better people to work on it than the people translating the Light Novel in the first place?

It seems the mangaka has been given some freedom in not doing a direct adaptation of the Light Novel series as the first chapter focuses on Nao and Leticiel instead of jumping straight to “Drossel’s” new life. What the fuck are you talking about, you say? Don’t worry about it…

The manga series is released monthly, so we’ll go about our merry way (and pace) on it. That’s all for now.

Please support the authors of this work by purchasing it when it becomes available! The 3rd volume of the Light Novel will be releasing very soon, and the translations will pick up again soon at Gotta get back into the habit of drawing in MS Paint…

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